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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Turbojam or Turbo Jam full As Seen On Tv Package

You can order the Turbojam full Tv package here.
5 jammin' workouts on 2 DVDs or 5 VHS Full 30 day money back guarantee.

Turbo Jam 234X60

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Shedender or Shed Ender

The Shedender is a tool for brushing loose hair from pets.
I have many dogs and pet hair is a major problem. The Shedender loos like it will
do a really good job at cutting down on loose hair.
Also brushing your animals is a great way to bond with them
Buy the Shendender here

Monday, November 21, 2005

Radiant NutriSoda

This is being toted as a beauty beverage, lol

the Nutrisoda is supposed to help woth skin elasticity and firmness.
For more info or to buy Radiant Nutri Soda
Radiant NutriSoda

Trimwater or Trim Water from the makers of Trim Spa

I will have more info regardign Trimwater when I get it.
From what I have read it will be nutritionally enhanced flavored water.
Trim Water will be all over the place. The Trimspa co has plenty of money to burn on

For more info or to buy Trimwater click here
Trimwater Or Trim Water

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Buy Lunesta Online

Looking for a place to buy Lunesta Online?

The following link will bring you to a trusted pharmacy to buy lunesta online.

If you want to save a little on Lunesta try the Generic version

Generica Lunesta will give you the same result for less.

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Idog accessories

Looking for Idog accessories

Idog bag assorted colors

Idog chill set pink or blue

Sega Idog or I dog on Sale Here

Sega Idog or I dog

I am trying to write about cool toys more often for 2 reasons
I am still a kid at heart and the holidays are coming up.

The Sega Idog is a cool robotic dog. It reacts to its surroundings and can be trained to do some tasks.

For more info or to buy the I Dog click the link below

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Converse Dwayne Wade On Sale

Looking to buy the new Converse Dwayne Wade shoes.

Order them here

Loreal Revitalift On Sale

Looking for Loreal Revitalift or Revita lift.

Buy Loreal Revitalift here.

The revitalift porduct looks like a winner for the ladies.
I wouldnt be surprised if I get a ton of interest on this one.

Slim Stacks Or SLim Stack Storage Containers

Slim Stacks Storage containers are the coolest must have kitchen item.
They are tupperware style storage containers that collapse when you are not
using them.

I think the Slim Stack or slimstacks storage containers are going to be a major hit.

Buy Slim Stacks here

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nicer dicer on sale or NicerDicer

The Nicer Dicer looks like it would be a handy tool in the kitchen.

For more info on the nicer dicer click the link below

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Newzair the new Alzare

The succesful penis pill ALzare will be replaced shortly with Newzair.

For more info or to buy Newzair click here.

Anew For Women

Anew For Women is for all natural menapause relief.
It will help with hot flashes and night sweats.

For more information or to buy Anew For Women follow the link below.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Little Giant Ladder System Review

I have created this post for people that have tried the Little Giant Ladder System to leave a review.

I personally used the Little Giant Ladder recently when we were hit with a couple of hurricanes.
The Little Giant Ladder is an amazing piece of equipment. I normally do not like to climb up on ladders but the design and function of the Little Giant put me at ease.
Im around 270 pounds and the ladder held me no problem.
i would recommend the Little Giant to anyone looking to buy a new ladder.

When you are ready to buy the the Little Giant Ladder please do so through the following link.
I will get a little spiff and it will help keep this blog going.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Spinspa Or Spin Spa On Sale

The SpinSpa is a shower head attachment that turns your shower into a home spa.

The SpinSpa looks like it would work great at getting hard to reach areas as well as
providing a pretty good massage.

Buy the SpinSpa Here

Qgrill Or Q Grill on Sale

The Qgrill has been around for a while but I figured it still deserved a mention on my blog.
The Q grill is a really cool portable grill that comes with utensils and everything you need to have a good barbecue.

Buy the Qgrill here

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aloette Skin Recovery System Alloette

Buy the Aloette Skin Recovery System Here.

Aloette Skin Recovery System

Have you already tried the Aloette system? Please leave a review below.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Epiclear or Epaclear Free Trial

Ive seen this product for a while but never got around to posting about it.
epiclear looks like it works amazing for acne sufferers.

Fore more information regarding Epiclear or for your free trial click the picture below.


StickySheets or Sticky Sheets on Sale

Sticky Sheets or Stickysheets are a great way to get unwanted pet hair off of clothes and furniture.

For More info or to buy stickysheets click the following link

sticky sheets

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Compare Vanilyx to Hylexin

Vanilyx has the same active ingredients as Hylexin for much less.

Order Vanilyx here.

Lensdoctor or Lens Doctor on sale

You can buy the Lensdoctor or Lens Doctor eyeglass repair here.


I dont wear glasses but im sure scratches are a big pain in the but.
Now you can get rid of the scratches easily and effectively.

Lensdoctor or Lens Doctor makes it simple.


I just got wind of this product.
I really have no idea what provitra is but I will post
an update as soon as I find out.

Shop www.Intelamart.com and save on everything.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Not sure if this is a gonna be a big seller or if it is even being advertised anymore but viastat is a sexual enhancement pill with a pretty good story.

Sonicone or Sonic one or Sonic1 Toothbrush

Sonicone or Sonic one or Sonic1 Toothbrush is the fastest toothbrush in the

Buy the Sonic 1 toothbrush here

Sony Xplod MEX-1GP

This is a brand new head unit from Sony due out in 2006

Sony MEX-1GP

For more info or to order visit.

Eas Muscle Armor or Musclearmor

Just saw a press release for Eas Muscle Armor or Musclearmor.

I dont have much info on it yet but if you want to buy Eas Muscle Armor or Musclearmor or just want more info visit

Eas Muscle Armor or Musclearmor

Sorenzyme by Labrada

Rumor has it that this will be the next big supplement release from Labrada.
I dont have any other info yet but I will post as soon as I get more info.

For all your bodybuilding supplements visit www.intelamart.com

Viva Body or VivaBody On sale here

From the makers of Everslim.

Vivabody Of Viva Body for all day energy and calorie burning.

Buy Viva Body Here

Viva Body Or VivaBody

If you have tried Viva Body please leave a review below.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

SmartBurn or Smart Burn Diet Pill

SmartBurn or Smart Burn Diet Pill

I have been seeing adds for this new diet pill with Hoodia in magazines.
The ads say as seen on Tv but I havent seen a tv ad yet.

I will post a good place to buy Smartburn shortly.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ampd Mobile or Amped Mobile Com

I have no idea what Ampd Mobil is all about so I will do some research and post soemthing in the next few days.

For More Info on Ampd Or Amped mobile visit www.intelamart.com

Friday, November 04, 2005

Orasure Hiv Test Oraquick Hiv Test

I just saw the news talking about the Orasure Home Hiv Test.

This test has major potential. Currently you would have to visit a doctor to be tested for Hiv. This is time consuming and emabarassing.
Imagine being able to order from a discreet company.

The Oraquick test is awating approval from the Fda for use , but i would bet it will happen shortly.

For More info on the Orasure Test or the Oraquick Advance come back soon

Abgone Or Ab Gone Diet Pill

Looking for the Abgone Or Ab Gone Diet Pill.

You can buy it at www.nysupplements.com or get more information.

Everslim or Ever Slim Diet Pill

I saw an ad on Tv last night for the Everslim or Ever Slim Diet Pill .
I dont have much info on it yet.

If you would like to buy Everslim or Ever Slim Diet Pill visit www.nysupplements.com

Everslim or Ever Slim
If you have already used Everslim please leave a review below

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hug N Doodle Aqua Doodle

I just saw the Hug n Doodle By Aquadoodle.
Its a prety cool teddy bear that kids can write on.

Buy the Hug N Doodle Aqua Doodle here

Petsy Pet Brush Groomer on sale

The Petsy Pet Brush Groomer looks like it will be a really useful tool for getting pet hair off the couch. It also looks like it will be very gentle on pets.

If you have used the Petsy Pet Brush please leave a review below

The petsy brush will be available soon. In the mean time check out Stickysheets.
A great way to pick up pet hair.

sticky sheets

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Silenor, Somposure, Indiplon, Lunesta Sleep Aids

Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night, And when you do do you wake up feeling tired. Well you not alone millions of people suffer from sleep disorders.

Silenor, Somposure, Indiplon, Lunesta are just a few of the new sleep drugs that will be approved by the fda shortly.

If you would like to purchase Silenor, Somposure, Indiplon, Lunesta visit

Buy Bissell SpotBot or Spot Bot Here

I dont do much cleaning around the house but if I did the Bissell Spotbot looks like it would be fun to use.

The Spot Bot would be a great cleaning aid for anyone who has a house full of carpeting.

Order the Bissell Spot Bot Here

RoboRaptor or Robo Raptor Toy Mini

The RoboRaptor is a really cool remote control dinasaur.
I was a big fan of Godzilla growing up and this would have made an awesome gift for the holidays.
The Robo Raptor seems to react to outside stimuli so it is interactive. Pretty cool.

Anyway order the RoboRaptor here.

Buy the Mini Robo Raptor Here